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Capture Memories with Our Premium Photo booth Service

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Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

Elevate Your Event with the Premier Photo Booth and Video Booth Services. Unforgettable Experiences Await!

Elevate your event with our premier Photo Booth and 360 Booth experiences. Freeze laughter in enchanting photos, loop joy with Boomerangs, and bring memories to life with captivating GIFs.Immerse in cinematic charm with Slowmo videos, explore Green Screen magic, and embrace the future with our 360 Booth. Transform your event into a canvas of creativity with every click telling a whimsical tale!

Join us for extraordinary moments – your event deserves the best!

Latest Booth Technology

Experience the pinnacle of booth technology with our latest offerings! Our professional cameras ensure top-notch photo quality, while Boomerangs, GIFs, and Slowmo videos bring an extra layer of fun and creativity to your event. Capture every moment with the latest in booth tech!

Custom Activations, Green Screen, Video 360 Booths and more...

Elevate your photo booth experience from fun to fantabulous with our personalized customizations, featuring custom props and booths. The endless possibilities allow you to tailor every detail to meet your unique vision.

Digital and Directly to Social Media

Now your photo booth pics can go from pose to post in mere seconds! Revolutionize your photo-sharing experience with our cutting-edge technology! Seamlessly transition from striking a pose to making a splash on social media within seconds. Elevate your events with the fastest and most dynamic photo booth experience - where memories are captured instantly and shared effortlessly





We add smiles to every event

Our photo booths are the perfect splash of fun for any occasion! Whether it's tying the knot or celebrating in style, we're there to capture every laugh, every pose, and every unforgettable memory.


Say 'I Do' to Fun! – Our booths make your special day even more memorable, capturing the joy and love in every snapshot

Holiday Parties

From Holiday cheer to New Year's Eve glitz, our booths add that extra sparkle to your holiday festivities.

Brand Activations

Elevate your brand experience with our services, perfect for creating engaging, shareable moments at any activation. Let's collaborate.

Corporate Events

Glam Up Your Corporate event – Add a touch of elegance and a hole lot of fun to your event with our chic and entertaining photo booths or video booths. 123





Our wedding guests loved the Photo Booth and all of the fun props! We love that we received a copy of every picture! Definitely book for your wedding or any social event!

So much fun!

The Smile Lounge was SUCH A HIT at our wedding, and their team was so amazing both in the planning process and throughout the night. If you are considering having the Smile Lounge at your wedding, definitely do it! The pictures came out amazing, and everyone had so much fun doing it - there was a line at the photo booth almost the entire night! It was a great way for people to meet each other and take a break from the dance floor :) ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!

Meggie D.
Five Stars!

We hired Smile Lounge for our wedding which was a few weeks ago. Right from initial contact they were absolutely wonderful! Janelle was amazing to work with. She was so responsive and helpful. They designed a wonderful graphic based on our invitations to frame the photos. And at the wedding they were an absolute hit...our guests loved the props!

One of our Best Decisions!

Hiring Greg and his team was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. Our guests LOVED the photo booth, and everything turned out looking professional and fun. At the end of the night, they provided us with a printed copy of every photo taken in a nice box, which made our post-wedding day blues disappear!

Courtney L
Super professional & fun!

Smile Lounge was great at our wedding. Our guests had so much fun. Super professional & fun, and we received a link for pictures extremely fast after the wedding. Would recommend them for any event!

The Booth was Great!

They are flexible and very communicative. They made the whole process easy, and everyone loved the booth!

Madeline M.
What a fun addition!

Everybody at our wedding had a blast with the Smile Lounge. Not only did they have fun props, but everyone loved seeing the photos immediately! We received copies and a USB of all the photos, which made for great laughs the next day. Janelle was great to work with, so responsive. She used our wedding invitation as the print design for all the photos. The Smile Lounge is highly recommended, thanks for the memories!

Deborah O.


More to Ask? We're Here to Capture all of your Questions!

What is the difference between Digital images and Prints?

Digital images are the electronic, shareable files captured during an event, allowing instant sharing to social media via text, airdrop, or email. Prints, however, offer a tangible experience, providing high gloss physical copies on the spot, ideal for those who prefer traditional keepsakes to adorn their physical spaces. The choice between digital images and prints caters to diverse preferences in preserving and sharing event memories.

How much space is required, set-up and break down preocess?

Our photobooths typically require an area of approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. However, we can adjust the setup to fit your venue's space constraints.  Our team will arrive at least one hour before the event to set up the photo booth. The setup time is included in the overall service. After the event, we'll promptly dismantle the booth, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Service available for events outside of New York State, and do you charge travel fees for events in other locations?

Yes, we offer nationwide coverage with the ability to travel to all major cities across the United States. While we have multiple offices across New York State, travel fees will be applied based on the specific locations and time requirements of the event, ensuring our services are accessible wherever your event takes place.

Do you have liability insurance for your photo booth services?

Yes, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients, which is why we maintain liability insurance for our photo booth services. Our insurance coverage is designed to provide protection in case of unexpected incidents or damages during events. We understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage to ensure peace of mind for both parties involved. If you have any specific concerns or if you would like more details about our insurance coverage, please feel free to ask, and we'll be happy to provide the information you need.

Can I personalize the booth, photo prints with my event's theme or branding?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of personalization for your event. Our photo booth services offer extensive options for customization to align with your event's theme or branding. Here's how you can personalize the booth and photo prints:

1. Customizable Templates and Backdrops: We provide a range of customizable templates and backdrops that can be tailored to match your event's theme. Whether it's a corporate logo, wedding motif, or any specific design, we work with you to create a backdrop that complements your event perfectly.

2. Booth Wrap / Backdrop: If you want the photo booth itself to reflect your event's theme, we offer booth wrapping services. This means we can customize the outer appearance of the booth with graphics, colors, and branding elements to seamlessly integrate with the overall look of your event. In addition, we can create a backdrop or scene to match the event them, color palate or brand. Options are endless.

3. Start Screen Customization: The first interaction your guests have with the photo booth is crucial. We allow customization of the start screen interface, where you can add your event's logo, date, and any other relevant details. This ensures a cohesive and branded experience from the beginning.

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