Digital Booth

Snap, Share, and Shine Online!

Get ready to go viral with our Digital Booth! Say goodbye to prints and hello to instant online sharing. From quirky GIFs to loop-tastic boomerangs, this booth isn't just about capturing moments; it's about instantly sharing them with the world. Are you ready to make your event hashtag famous?

The Ultimate Social Experience

Our Digital Booth is your gateway to online fame. Dive into a world where every snap can be a GIF, every moment a boomerang, and every smile shared in real-time. Perfect for the social media savvy, it's more than a photo booth – it's a social sensation. Let's make your event a trending topic!

Latest Digital Innovation

Packed with the latest digital features, our booth lets you capture and share your fun moments instantly.

Friendly, Fun &
Helpful Staff

Our team is as social media savvy as they are friendly, ready to help you snap, share, and shine online.

Clean and Compact Setup

This booth is perfect for any space, large or small, turning your event into an experience all your guests will love!

Turn your event into a photo party

We promise, your guests will not be able to get enough of our digital photo booth!

Share the Fun Instantly!

Don't keep the elegance to yourself! With our instant sharing options, let the allure of your event spread as swiftly as the latest trend.

Gifs and boomerangs

Every smile, every pose, every elegant moment is captured in stunning detail. Your memories, draped in sophistication, are captured to perfection.

Customizable Back Drops

Keep your photos clean, and keep your event looking elegant, with our luxurious white backdrop


Our wedding guests loved the Photo Booth and all of the fun props! We love that we received a copy of every picture! Definitely book for your wedding or any social event!

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