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Our photo booths were designed to make a big impact. Whether you’re planning a party for employees, clients or customers, your corporate event needs Smile

Add a spark of fun Perfect any event you're planning

Elevate Every Occasion with Our Trendsetting Photo Booth – Where Every Snap Sparks Online Excitement in Real-Time! Dive into a world where every snap can be a GIF, every moment a boomerang, and every smile shared in real-time. Perfect for the social media savvy, it's more than a photo booth – it's a social sensation. Let's make your event a trending topic!

Holiday Parties

Offer festive and joy-filled Photo Booth experiences, capturing the spirit of celebration and creating lasting memories for attendees to cherish.

Charity Events

Photo Booth services contribute to creating a positive and engaging environment, encouraging participation and support for noble causes.


We provide immersive and interactive Photo Booth experiences to enhance networking and engagement.


Make Galas unforgettable with our elegant and stylish Photo Booths, providing a source of entertainment for guests to enjoy.

Trade Show + Expo

Photo Booths become a magnet for attracting visitors, boosting booth traffic and leaving a lasting impression.

Product + Brand Launch

innovative Photo Booth setups add a touch of excitement, ensuring a memorable introduction to your offerings.

Grand Opening

Grand Openings become even more celebratory with our Photo Booths, capturing the excitement of the moment and fostering a festive atmosphere.

Marketing Events

Photo Booths offer unique branding opportunities, capturing memorable moments for effective promotion.

experience the POWER OF fun IN YOUR EVENTS

When it comes to corporate events, galas, marketing initiatives, or fundraisers, making a lasting impression is key. Smile Lounge Photo Booths bring a blend of sophistication, interactive fun, and brand enhancement to your event, ensuring that every moment is captured with style and flair.

Sophisticated Entertainment

Don't keep the elegance to yourself! With our instant sharing options, let the allure of your event spread as swiftly as the latest trend.

Branding that Pops

Customize every aspect of the photo booth experience to align with your brand or event theme. From branded photo templates to custom backdrops, your brand will be front and center, leaving a lasting impression.

Networking with a Twist

Watch as the photo booth becomes a networking hub, allowing guests to connect, share laughs, and create memorable moments together. It's not just about taking photos; it's about creating opportunities for meaningful interactions.

Big Names, Bigger Smiles

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Corporate Booth Upgrades

Corporate Booth Upgrades

Corporate Booth Upgrades


We offer fully-sized 4x6 single prints—perfect for framing or creating cherished photo albums.

GIF / Boomerang
Booth Upgrade

choose between a traditional photo or a GIF or boomerang, adding a dynamic element to the photo booth experience.


After the last photo is taken, we transfer all the digital files to a USB drive for you to take with you.

Custom Prop Package

Elevate your event with our exclusive collection of top-end props tailored to match your theme or brand.

Social Media Station

Share their photos directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via text and email.

Confetti Celebration
Booth Upgrade

Invite your guests to join the celebration with confetti—because who doesn’t love dancing around in confetti all night long?

Custom Back Drop

For truly special events, enhance your photoactivation with a custom backdrop. Our event designers.  The team will bring and set the builders' vision to life.

Green Screen

Transport your clients or guests to a unique scene. Choose from static, animated, or video backgrounds to showcase the experience of your resort or event.

...Everything was perfectly professional, and buttoned up. Our employees had a blast, and I would highly recommend you treat your guests with this at your event.

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